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My name is Michael J. Baines and I have been rescuing street dogs in Thailand since 2011. Until 2016 I worked alone, now I have staff that help me care for around 200 dogs daily. Some dogs lives in our foster home, some will stay forever because age or they are too sick to go to a forever home, and for some dogs it's a place to heal, get socialized or rehabilitation and when well enough we find a good home for them. We rescue dogs that have been dumped on the streets here in Thailand. Some dogs we rescue are sick, some can't walk, some are blind, some been run over by cars or abused etc. Also from April 20, 2017 we work together with the local municipality and will expand the existing dog pound, of only 160 sqm to an area with grass, trees, pool, clinic room, etc on 1800 sqm. We also spay and neuter dogs, and been doing so as good as we can and will work even more on that. This is my call, this is what I do. But I can not continue helping the neglected dogs without help. I spend approximately 200 000 baht per month (6000 USD) on food, medication, vet visits, spay and neuter, staff, transport etc. It is a lots of money, but we do get the work done. Thank you so much for your help! The dogs are alive because the help we provide and of course of the help we are receiving from you. Michael J. Baines


Phone number: +66818611164

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